Health Screening Tool

1. Have you ever had tooth extraction, dental procedures, intravenous injection at any facility? Get yourself screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

2. Are your overweight? Or have a sedentary lifestyle? Or exercise less than three times a week? Get yourself screened for diabetes and hypercholesterolemia (fasting blood glucose level, total cholesterol levels and HbA1C).

3. Are you women over 50 with no symptoms of breast disease? Get annual mammograms till the age of 69.

4. Are you a current smoker or quit smoking within the last 15 years? You should get screened for lung cancer with low dose CT chest (between 55-80 years of age).

5. If you are over 50, have diabetes or smoke cigarettes and have constipation or lost weight without effort? Get screened for colon cancer with screening colonoscopy every 10 years or CT colonography every 5  years till the age of 75.

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